Risk Compliance

Efficient monitoring of funds’ compliance with regulations and obligations

UCITS Reporting

Comprehensive UCITS reporting ensures nothing is missed – breaches/fails etc.

All your funds in a single dashboard view

risk compliance software

Any UCITS investment or prospectus restriction breaches are flagged immediately.

Rapid investigation of breaches

managed risk compliance software

Drilling in reveals the issue and shows the history of the rule over time.

Fast drill down to individual position

risk management and compliance software

Typically with just 1 or 2 clicks of a mouse, you are right down to the position level.

Audit trail

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Note taking facility ensures full audit trail evidencing action undertaken. These notes can be downloaded at a later date.

AIFMD Reporting

The RiskSystem AIFMD solution ensures full compliance with all aspects of your risk obligations per the Regulations.

AIFMD Monitoring

ucits and aifmd risk compliance management software

Monitor, measure, and manage all AIFs from a single dashboard. Spot alerts quickly and identifies and remediate issues easily.

All AIF exposures displayed on a single screen

ucits and aifmd risk compliance management

Monitor gross exposure, the sum of notionals, and commitment leverage in one place.

AIFMD limit monitoring

ucits and aifmd risk compliance management solutions


Easily monitor all prospectus or supplement limits  – all fully customizable

Counterparty limit monitoring

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RiskSystem incorporates a full Monte Carlo Credit Value Adjustment (CVA) model that allows a fund to continually monitor counterparty credit exposure at all times. All collateral is fully accounted for in the determination of counterparty market and credit exposure.

Credit risk monitoring

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RiskSystem utilizes both a Credit Matrix Approach and the Counterparty Value Adjustment (CVA) approach. The CVA methodology is carried out by means of a user-specified monte carlo simulation for all the positions held with the counterparty.

AIFMD liquidity monitoring

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RiskSystem can monitor market liquidity in normal and exceptional liquidity conditions using hourly price feeds where both market bid-ask and market volume are used to assess the cost of liquidation of portfolios. RiskSystem also monitors funding liquidity (the risk to a fund due to redemptions by investors).

Private Equity/Real Estate

Risk Management functionality that has been specifically developed for PE and RE funds by RiskSystem

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Exposure Oversight

Monitor all funds’ exposure in a single dashboard


RiskSystem functionality recognises the different methodologies that guidance requires for UCITS and AIFs to determine Commitment.

Exposure – one-click drill-down

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View exposures by position to see what is contributing most to commitment etc.

Currency exposure

managed risk compliance software solutions

At-a-glance FX exposure

Instant exposure graphs

affordable risk compliance management service

Chart any fund risk metric in the database

affordable risk compliance management software services

Easily change dates to view the preferred data period

Value-at-Risk (VaR)

RiskSystem operates a proprietary multi-model VaR engine that implements a variety of VaR methodologies e.g. Parametric, Monte-Carlo, Historical, Windows, Distribution etc. 

VaR bucketing

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There is no limit to the ability to bucket trades – e.g. by strategy/trader/geographically etc.



VaR bucketing

compliance and risk management software solutions

There is no limit to the ability to bucket trades – e.g. by strategy/trader/geographically etc.


Credit Risk

At RiskSystem we extract and analyse every measurement used for credit risk management on debt instruments comprehensively, providing full coverage for every debt instrument and for every sector.

compliance and risk management software


compliance risk management software

Market Risk

Our Market Risk functionality is at the heart of what we do. We offer a complete landscape of Market Risk measurements, including VaR, Component Var, Commitment, Gross Exposure, Liquidity Forecasting, Historical and Scenario Stress Testing, Option Risk Parameters, Sector Component Risk, and more, all within our intuitive and transparent Graphical User Interface – RAPTOR

Counterparty Risk

compliance risk management software solutions
compliance risk management software solutions

Stress Testing

At RiskSystem we carefully manage our stress testing methods to provide complete oversight over worst case scenarios. This includes our historical stress testing algorithms, which rigorously analyses the effect of past scenarios against the current portfolio with robust correlation tests and blanket downturns in measured historical quantifiers, as well as our bespoke hypothetical testing, modelling drops in asset markets, currencies, and Flight to Safety, all while tracking these effects on the P/L, Volatility, etc.

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There are three main types of scenario analysis that may be carried out using RiskSystem. These are Risk Sector Stress Tests, Historical Stress Tests, and Correlation Stress Tests.


VaR Backtesting

To accompany RiskSystem’s VaR models with correct validation, we provide a variety of tools such as historical back-testing, parametrical back-testing, simulations and stress testing. All VaR backtests can be conveniently exported for further reconciliation or regulatory filings, all in compliance with the UCITS VaR exceedance regulations. 

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RiskSystem has full in-sample and out-sample capabilities.

aifmd risk compliance management software



As an integral part of the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for UCITS funds RiskSystem monitors the SRRI according to the regulations (CESR/10-673) for all share classes, while providing exact calculation breakdowns for reconciliation and handling all edge cases such as dividends, proxies and benchmarks.

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Share Class Hedging

Embedded in the RiskSystem engine is our Share Class Hedge Monitor, which provides complete oversight over the effect share class hedges have on the exposure and P/L of each specific share class with respect to currency movements, and complete compliance to UCITS regulations, which allow ease in keeping share class currency risk in check and in facilitating any entering or exiting of hedges for EPM purposes.

ucits aifmd risk compliance management software


RiskSystem offers a pro-active rather than a re-active process to portfolio alterations. Using our Pre-trade functionality, our clients can pre-enter positions into their portfolio and assess the resulting effects on their fund’s risk exposures and compliance before entering them in the market.

Tracking Error

RiskSystem’s Tracking Error engine calculates the divergence between the price behavior of the portfolio and the price behavior of a benchmark. RiskSystem can be configured to monitor the Tracking Error for any timeframe, any benchmark and other fund specific configurations.

Key Features

RiskSystem offers many advantages over competing risk solutions


The risks of any number of sub-funds are integrated into one portal.


All functionality and reporting can be tailored to clients requirements.


All instruments and fund types covered.


Our internally developed functionality – automated risk profiling – ensures rapid onboarding of new funds removing any constraints on growth of funds under management.

Full Managed Service

Sourcing, cleansing, enriching and processing all data from any preferred source in any format is our responsibility.


All data and risk analytics are stored in a highly secure private cloud.

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