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“Regulatory reporting can take a huge amount of management time.
RiskSystem’s integrated Annex IV offering allowed us to file correctly and effortlessly – on time with zero pain”

Kevin O’Doherty, Chief Risk Officer, Quayside Fund Management Limited




AIFMD regulations contain some arduous but obligatory reporting  requirements commonly known as Annex IV Reporting . Depending on the fund size and leverage the reporting requirements can be quarterly, semi-annually or annually and require a considerable amount of information on position size, concentration, transaction and counterparty data.

Collecting and collating this data is a major challenge for asset managers.
Moreover many of the obvious places to get data from, such as administrators,
do not always calculate the necessary exposures and metrics needed to complete the regulatory filing. Furthermore this data must be reported in an ESMA specified format known as XML.

However RiskSystem can take care of all of these issues providing robust, accurate calculations necessary to make the filing in a timely manner.
In addition RiskSystem has an inbuilt XML generator and once we receive regular files from an independent source processing Annex IV reporting is a simple click of a button. We can file the report with the NCA directly or send you the completed file for you to file yourself. Typically we include Annex IV reporting as part of our risk services; however we can price it separately if required.

Please click RiskSystem_AnnexIV for the RiskSystem Annex IV fact sheet

We can also produce Open Protocol, CPO-PQR and Form PF reporting.

Risk management by its nature is a specialist, complex
function requiring expertise as well as experience.