We have been busy on-boarding some new clients in the past few months and one thing they seem to have in common is how easy they have found the process. There is a (not unreasonable) expectation that the process of linking their data to our risk engine would be complicated and take up a lot of management time. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. All a new RiskSystem client has to do is supply us with a contact name in their administrator or prime broker – whichever is preferred) and we effectively do the rest. We set up a pipe between our system and the administrator (typically an FTP link) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – whatever has been agreed between RiskSystem and the client. At this stage we have pipes into many administrators so the process is already bedded down and working smoothly. Even with a new administrator this normally only takes a few weeks to sort any teething issues. And the feedback from new administrators has been great too – we make sure our systems fit their way of doing things – we do not insist they rewrite files and programmes in order for our system to talk to theirs. We aim to make life as easy as possible for everyone!
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